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R.R. Techno Mechanicals, a part of the R.R. Group of Companies is an engineering unit based in Chennai, India, spread over 90,000 sq.ft. factory area.

R.R. Techno Mechanicals is in the field of engineering and manufacturing and specializes in Soot Blowers for Boilers and Heaters, Bag Filters besides Fabrication of Equipments up to 20 tonnes/piece in Carbon Steel, stainless Steel and Aluminium. Its extensive know how in the Soot Blower area is demonstrated in the usage of these equipments in various Steel, Power, Sugar, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, etc. R.R. Techno Mechanicals uses its expertise in providing turnkey soot blowers system and adapting to the individual needs of the customers.

R.R. Techno Mechanicals makes a continuous effort with accumulated technology and know-how to meet every requirement of a customer and their highly qualified and experienced staff process the knowledge to supply high quality equipments. Be sure to refer Why to use RR Techno Mechanicals Soot Blowers and join and know our privileged Happy Soot Blower Clientele. The Promoters of the Company have been in this Industry for over 2 decades.