Retractable soot blower - Designed for cleaning exchanger surfaces in case of

  • Environments with high temperature gases (over 800o C).

  • Infeasible to fit rotary soot blowers.

  • Danger of meeting serious choking. Rotary soot blower are suited for environments with temperatures up to 800 C

Standard Retractable soot blowers is fitted with two independently functioning drives for translatory and rotary motion

  • Translatory drive for introducing and retracting the lance tube into the boiler / heater

  • Rotary drive to provide the rotary action of the blowing arc for cleaning

  • The lance tube remains outside the boiler / heater when not in operation to prevent overheating and melting of the lance tubes

  • Can be fitted with a single drive for rotary and translatory motion if preferred

  • Independent drives ensure retraction of lance in case of rotary drive failure, and avoids a lengthy duration of steam jet concentration on a particular area of boiler tube if failure of the translatory drive occurs

  • Optimal design of angle of blowing of the nozzle to ensure through cleaning of the tubes.

  • Manual and motorized (with provision for manual operation) soot blowers available.

Standard Horizontal Installation



Rotary Speed

4 to 12 rpm

Translatory Speed

1.2 to 3.6 mpm

Maximum Cleaning Radius

2000 mm

Maximum Lance Length

7500 mm

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