RR Techno Mechanicals as a product manufactures soot blower for furnaces, boilers and heaters. Their range includes Rotary, Retractable, Wall Deslagger and Rake type Soot Blowers. They also offer total turnkey systems including controls. RR Techno Mechanicals have been manufacturing soot blowers for the past two decades and their expertise is in providing customized solutions to match their clients requisite.

Why do you need Soot Blower ?

  • Soot Blower are designed specifically to clean soot off convection surfaces in Industrial boilers and heaters, furnaces

  • Clean boiler / heater tubes required for optimum output and efficiency

  • Reduces boiler / heater downtime and increases life.


  • Cleaning action derived from passing saturated or superheated steam, air through specially designed nozzles

  • Three types available Soot Blower are Rotary, Retractable and Wall Deslagger

  • Reduction of Blowing arc for better efficiency achieved by staggered arrangement of nozzles on either side of the lance tube

  • Cleaning radius and areas to be cleaned can be adjusted to suit user convenience

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, as required and for all boilers / heaters using normal fuels, (oil, coal, bagasse etc,.)

  • Material selection and design towards withstanding extreme conditions

  • Can be manually operated with pulley and chain arrangement or motorized and electrically operated (Provision for manual operation in case of power failure)

Cam and Trigger mechanism for Valve Operation
The extend of the blowing arc is determined by a cam. When blowing is activated, either manually or electrically, the trigger rides upon the cam opening the valve in synchronization with the nozzle position in the rotating lance. At the end of the blowing arc, the trigger drops off the cam and closes the valve. This provides flexible blowing control and the blowing arc can be changed by using a different cam.

Poppet Valve

  • Control flow of air or steam to the blower lance.

  • Robust mechanical linkage actuated by lance carriage for positive opening and closing of valve in case of retractable soot blowers and cam and trigger mechanism for rotary soot blowers and wall deslaggers.

  • Valve actuation synchronized with nozzle position using cam mechanism for precise timing of injection and shut off of the cleaning medium.

  • Blowing pressure setting controlled within the valve.

  • Floating valve head to ensure accurate alignment with valve seat for a good seal.

Some of our valued clients for Soot Blower

M/s Avant - Garde Engineers & Consultancy

M/s Alstom Projects Indial Ltd.

M/s Ansaldo Caldaie Boilers India Pvt Ltd.,

M/s Aquatherm Engg. Consultants (I) Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Ballarpur Industries Ltd

M/s Bharat Heavy Plates & Vessels limited, Visakhapatnam

M/s Chadha Papers Ltd.

M/s Cethar Vessals Limited, Tiruchirapalli

M/s Cheema Boilers

M/s Deutsche Babcock Balcke Durr Limited now known Balckedurr & Wabag Technologies Limited

M/s Enmass Andritz

M/s FCB KCP Limited


M/s Fives Cail-KCP

M/s GMR Industries

M/s Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd

M/s Ignifluid Boilers India Ltd

M/s Indian Pulp & Paper Pvt. Ltd

M/s Ignifluid Boilers India Limited now known as IBIL - TECH Limited M/s ITC Limited

M/s ISGEC Exports limited

M/s ISGEC John Thompson

M/s ITC Limited

M/s KCP Ltd.

M/s KIP Enterprises

M/s Lipi Boilers Limited

M/s Malwa Power

M/s National Heavy Engineering

M/s Pipeline & Process

M/s PT Panca Mandri Indonesia

M/s Shrijee Engg

M/s Thermal Systems

M/s Thermal Systems (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Thermax Babcock

M/s Thermax Ltd

M/s Tungabhadra Machinery & Tools Ltd.

M/s Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.

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