RR Techno Mechanicals offers you superior quality and technology while catering to the needs and problems faced by the customer.

  • Greater efficiency of cleaning
    Low consumption of blowing fluid ensured by optimum nozzle and greater speed of motion.

  • Interchangeability
    Design of parts is common to different types of soot blowers. Allows minimum quality of spare parts in stock.

  • Easy handling and examination
    Facilitates operation and maintenance.

  • Increased safety
    Blowing pressure can be adjusted using the poppet valve and orifice plate thereby preventing the pressure from being accidentally disturbed.

  • Economical and efficient
    Blowing arc adjustable according to requirements. staggered arrangements of nozzles on either side further reduces the blowing arc and consequently lessens the amount of blowing fluid used.

  • Maximum standardization
    All parts to international standards such as ANSI, DIN, BIS etc.

  • Low cost and frequency of maintenance
    Simplicity of design, standardization and interchangeability as well as accessibility.

Soot Blowers

Cleaning medium can be either air or steam.

Control Systems

  • Individual Control Panel

  • Sequential control Panel (Relay Logic)

  • PLC Based Sequential Control Panel.